Marvel Boomez Wave 4

Marvel Boomez Wave 4-bustine
Marvel Boomez Wave 4-bustine

Discover the latest Boomez Marvel Wave 4 collection inspired by the universe of the most popular Superheroes.

19 Marvel Superheroes proposed in brand new and highly detailed 4.5 cm miniatures with different poses and finishes.
11 Normal Pose, 9 Glow in the Dark, 11 Chrome Limited Edition and 4 Gold&Silver for a total of 35 figures all to collect!

24 figures are offered in special transparent collector's blister packs.

Each character comes with a playing card and a 20-sided die to challenge your friends to the fun-filled Boomez 3D Card Game!

Look for the extremely rare Loki SuperStar character to complete your collection!